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REALTOR Testimonial by Michelle Grassie Why did I move to Weichert Realtors, (Welch and Company)?

Weichert is a family owned and independently operated company. Growing up in a family with six kids, and now a family of my own, family is everything to me. The core values that this particular brokerage brought to the table was like no other brokerage before me. It’s not owned by a Board of Directors, its owned by a long time, REALTOR - Jim Weichert, whose story to build a billionaire dollar empire in real estate from his simple beginnings in 1969 to where it is today, is quite impressive. Weichert Realtors, (Welch and Company) wasn’t “TOO BIG”, where you get lost in the crowd. With over 500 offices nationwide, it is a well known, award winning brokerage - and at this particular brokerage, with 90+ agents, it wasn’t “TOO SMALL” either. As each chapter of my book keeps getting bigger and better, this brokerage was “JUST RIGHT” for me. Clear from the top of Weichert Realtors, (Welch and Company), the broker- Kent Welch, to Dir. of Relations- Pam Baker, to Dir. of Business Development - Cory Stewart, to their amazing in-house professional marketing dept. - Conor and Abagail, to the Office Coordinator, Kaitlyn Gillespie, to the always friendly, front desk gal - April, it’a the kind of place you can call “home” - where everyone knows your name and always greets you with a wave and a smile. In addition to all of the above, this particular Weichert Realtors, (Welch and Company), is located in Johnson County, which is where 90% of my real estate clientele/business is located. After interviewing with many brokerages, it was a big factor helping me make my final decision when transferring from another smaller brokerage located downtown. It’s always important to find the right fit, who can and has the capacity to help, promote and market you and your clients home to the maximum potential. Their constant kindness, honesty and transparency won me over. The transition from my former brokerage was for the most part seemless. Several years ago, I “retired” from the second biggest law firm in Kansas City, MO for over 20 years, so that I could be a full time REALTOR, and with 5000 KC Metro Facebook followers, I have a very large client/buyer database. At Weichert Realtors, (Welch & Company), I was immediately up and running, with new business cards, personalized pointer signs, personalized signage, a new CRM, website, immediately in order to get all my current clients/buyers up and running on the new system without missing a beat. While being named Agent of the Year and a top producer two years in a row at my former brokerage, with the tools and technology and leadership, I have now, I am anxious to expand my wings even more, and let my ever growing clientele reach their American Dream of homeownership, and/or assist them in getting into their next chapter of their life all with all my vast life and real estate experiences, plus genuine kindness and compassion - all wrapped up into one. Time to SOAR with Weichert Realtors, (Welch & Company) - so happy and blessed to be aboard such a great Brokerage. ~ Michelle Grassie, top agent

Michelle Grassie

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